Oh, what a night...

Feeling a bit sorry for myself today, so treating myself to a moan. It's my blog, I'll moan if I want to!

'Glastonbarney' on Saturday night was shaping up to be a top night, the finishing touch on a great few weeks. BBQ, sun, beer, music, football and a bunch of good friends. To cap the night off, karma thought it was high time I went and spent two hours in casualty with posterior/ aviate ligament damage and a broken off flake of bone floating around inside my knee. I'll hopefully find out on Thursday morning exactly what it is I've done, apparently there is too much swelling at the moment to make an accurate diagnosis so booked in for an MRI with a sports knee injury specialist. Gee whizz, I am excited for that.

So I'm now on 14 pills a day of assorted painkillers that make me all drowsy and foggy, the mother of all leg braces and some fun crutches for the indeterminate future. Its funny how just when everything seems to be going well the unexpected happens.

On the plus side, I have lots of new found time to trawl the internet and sketch. Sorry to everyone for not being able to help in the workshop with new designers stuff as much as I wanted to over the coming few weeks.


Found this wicked blog, full of cool renderings of spaceships and the like. Quite inspiring.

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