Honda CRZ

Saw my first one of these a couple of days ago:

In pretty much exactly this spec. It pleasantly surprised me as from what I had seen of the production version I thought it looked fat, underwheeled and majorly watered down from the concept version. However in the metal it actually works pretty well. I was surprised how small it looked and how the wedgy profile actually looked pretty dynamic. I didn't even notice the wierd spike where the blacked out A-pillars meet the bonnet that I thought jarred in photos. Like.

It also got me thinking about something the guys always rip me for, how I always have two opinions of a car and often they differ. I reckon that when the first batch of photos of a car hit the mags or the web I form one opinion based as much on how the car looks as how the manufacturer has chosen to show it. When I see the car in the metal, often several months later, I usually have a second, revised opinion on the car. Sometimes I do a complete turnaround and fall in love with a car I disliked in the initial photographs. Case in point, the Ferrari 612. The initial press shots of the mid blue car with the tan interior, in a plain white studio, looked plain rubbish. I hated it. Then I saw one in London driving down Mayfair. It was in the deepest, darkest black imaginable with gunmetal grey wheels and it just crept slowly down the street like it was sneaking up behind some poor victim. it looked sinister, sexy and drop dead stunning. I would include on this list the Alfa GT from about 8 years ago and the current Jaguar XF. They look a bit crap in photos but in the metal they work really well.

Inversely, often a car can work well in photographs and look crappy in real life. Case in point, the new Vauxhall Astra.

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