Light graffiti

Just found this website. Combines two things I really like - light drawing photography and cars. This one is my favourite:

ETA I just remembered the time William Nelson and I had a play around with light drawings. Heres a few of them:

New photos

Pictures courtesy of Reiss Finney

Level Eleven

Lovely custom desktop PC. See it here



just set the Bug up in bunkspeed to do a new batch of renderings. the car looks a bit small in this one but the reflections worked ok. More to come.

Vorsprung Durch Repeat....

The Design Evolution of modern Audi...

Copy        ---->        Paste        ---->      NP  Scale      ---->        Tweak       ---->     Repeat 

                                                                           Audi A4

                                                                                           Audi A5 Sportback

                                                                       Audi A7 Sportback


Just found out my Great Auntie was a renowned Scottish Sculptor

Ann Henderson

Those Italians and their flowery language

'It looks like a butterfly, futurist, a graceful bird that is preparing for a flight on the roads to be: the Bugatti Aerolithe Concept, a study by Douglas Hogg'

 Flamboyant hand gestures optional. My favourite bit of press so far :)

just because


The Bug is currently 'trending' on I think this is A Good Thing. 

It has earned an 'OMG' tag, currently has a score of 9.1 and is ranked as 'New and v. hot.' It is also a 'hot photo gallery.' I am not sure what most of this means but its totally, like, really cool or something. 

On a more serious note, Nearly 6000 people have looked at the trendhunter article in just one day. mind boggling!

On the road

this is my wallpaper atm.

The Bugatti Aerolithe - a potted history

A feature about my major project went up today on the Car Body Design website. They included a nice little paragraph about the original Aerolithe, really nice to see that as not many people actually know about it - Its more famous offspring, the Atlantic, tends to steal all the attention.

The story of the original is as frustrating as it is fascinating and is what inspired me to do my new version. The Aerolithe (or Electron coupe as it was also known) was a one off prototype designed by Ettore's son Jean for the 1935 Paris motor show. It was a quantum leap forward in styling, aerodynamics and engineering from anything that had come before and was the undoubted star of the show. It featured superlight magnesium bodywork - a first at the time. The famous riveted construction was because of the great difficulty in using magnesium - it is difficult to weld as it has a very low combustion temperature and it is extremely difficult to work to shape. The Aerolithe went on to star at the London motor show later in 1935, went back to the factory,then a couple of years later disappeared off the face of the earth. To this day, no one knows for sure what happened to it. More information can be found here

A company in Canada called 'the Guild of Automotive Restorers' has been working on building an Aerolithe since 2006 for a very wealthy client. They are keeping it as original and faithful as possible to what is known of the original - which is not a lot! Less than ten photographs of it are known to exist.No one knows for sure what engine or chassis it used, or even what colour it was painted (!) so as you can imagine its not easy. They keep a website charting its progress. Its fascinating to read about the challenges they encounter, and to see the in-progress photographs. Well worth a read.

eta: found this more recent story of the projects current progress.


Maser Quattroporte

Had a car chat the other night with none other than Paul Nichols. We played the fantasy garage game (the rules of which is another post for another time) While we disagreed on a lot, we agreed that there is no better big sporty sedan than the Big Maserati 'fourdoor'. Other options in the class include Rapide, Panamera, CLS AMG, M5, RS6 et all, but the big Maser shone through as the only one either of us actually wanted. No sedan does understated beauty and aggression quite like it - it's a seriously fucking cool car.

Throw in the incredible, wonderful noise it makes and you are onto an absolute winner. Skip the video to 4.09 to see what I mean.

Ill take mine in the red on black shown in the video, please.

Photoshop vs Alias

Before and after about 3 months of Clay and Alias Development - Managed to keep it pretty faithful I reckon


next project!

CDN feature

"As a piece of sensuous form, Hogg's latter-day Bugatti Aerolithe was one of the stars of this year's show."

Thanks Owen!

Car Design News feature on Coventry degree show

'One day' car #1 - Reliant Scimitar GTE

There are several cars that I really really want. This is normal. Some of the cars I lust after are bit wierd. When I have time and inclination to do so I'll write a bit about each of them. 

So to kick off, The Reliant Scimitar GTE. I have a long standing, slightly wierd obsession with this car, specifically the 1972 SE5A model. It was an oddball choice even when it was new, but I think it is the height of 70s cool. It was designed by a chap called Tom Karen who also designed the Raleigh Chopper bike. My dad had one once in baby poo brown, although in my defence I liked it before I was remembered he had one. My only memory of it is being told to take my feet off the dashboard or I would mark the quality vinyl.

Every time I see one on the street I get a little bit excited and point out to whoever I'm with; "look look look, a Scimitar!" This is generally met with apathy or derision but the fact is I just don't care - I want one.

I have long term spanner wielding plans for it to get it to the perfect spec. Firstly I have to find one that isn't a total shitter. At some point after that, probably the day I can afford to do it properly, I will do a full bare chassis restoration. I'll paint it in dark red,  have the whole interior trimmed in black leather, fit period 1970's sport seats and steering wheel, transplant the V6 from the 2005 Ford Mondeo ST220, find the perfect sports exhausts to get the right raspy V6 howl, fit the 5 spoke rims from the Jensen Interceptor III and get the ride height absolutely bang on so it looks just right. Mark my words this car will exist one day.

I have a recurring dream in which all I do is look at it for a bit, get in, put on some wayfarers, start it up with the window cracked so I can listen to the sound and then just cane it around the countryside with the exhaust howling.

One day I will own this car:


Saw the new Predators on Friday, really enjoyed it. Good cast, awesome predators. Best bit was Yakuza vs predator swordfight. Geeks the world over rejoiced. Also enjoyed the reuse of the classic soundtrack from the original.

worlds fastest beach buggy

Porsche Carrera GT chassis @ Silverstone Porsche. Engineering perfection.

1989 Bat


The 2010 Jaguar XJ. Starting to see these on the roads more now. I really want to like it, but I don't.