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"As a piece of sensuous form, Hogg's latter-day Bugatti Aerolithe was one of the stars of this year's show."

Thanks Owen!

Car Design News feature on Coventry degree show

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  1. Love your Scimitar idea. My father had one too and as a kid I used to help clean it. He did it up once and I used to use it when I past my test at 17. I'm now 38. Dad recently let the car go, which was in a bit of a state. I don't have the money yet but I'd love to find it and do it up with a modern twist like you suggested. Largish low profile tyres, modern suspension and brakes. I'd love to do it, ,and surprise him. Hope I have the money before it's to late!!! I've recently seen the Eric Banner docufilm "love the beast" which has really inspired me.

    Hope you get to do yours to it looks very tidy.


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