'One day' car #2 - Vauxhall VX220

The Vauxhall VX220, an underrated gem. I really love this car. Whats not to like? it takes the best part of a Lotus Elise, the chassis, chucks away the dodgy old Rover K-series engine and replaces it with a more powerful, more reliable and more efficient GM 4 cylinder. The styling was a million miles away from the curvacious elise - all sharp edges, geometric shapes and straight lines. I loved it when I first saw it.

Mine will be a VX220 Turbo in black, and I mean black. Gloss black paint. All the chrome and silver bits resprayed matt black. The wheels replaced with gloss black 5 lightweight racing wheels. Lowered suspension is essential as the standard car sits a smidge too high.  The optional hard top will fitted at all times - I want a low slung stealth coupe. Except on really sunny days, then I might take the roof off.

One day not long ago in London, I was explaining to my very patient girlfriend how awesome my particular VX would be when Lo and Behold! a black on black VX220 drove past us in EXACTLY the spec I would have mine in. Forget all the Bentleys, Astons etc we saw that day, it was the coolest car of the day hands down.

She wasnt that impressed. Women.

'One day' car #1 - Reliant Scimitar

doodly man


A few pics from an older project - 'Jaguar 2040' with Max Lilley and Rob Thornham

stark living

Concept art for Tony Stark's house by Phil Saunders. Phil and production designer Adi Granov also got the envious task of designing the Iron man suits. I'll post some of their concept art up soon as it is quite excellent. In fact, I'd go as far as to say the IM suits are some of my favourite pieces of industrial design full stop.

Electro Velocity

Bugatti featured on Electro Velocity site, which focuses on electric / hybrid vehicles. Article here. Thanks Benjamin!

Bugger me

It's an interior Jim, but not as we know it

last chance saloon

and just think, if this is one of the better ones how scrappy were the rejected ones!

stark hud

C - Airplay


Yesterday this blog full of quite frankly drivel hit 1000 visits. to celebrate, Travis Pastrana did a backflip on a big wheel. Minty.


My much mentioned and much missed New Zealand shit mobile - the Yellow Peril. A very special 1983 Toyota Corona.

Special features include standard fit flammable dashboard inners, FM stereo with electric charged controls for the users pleasure, fuel saving engine cut outs and inability to survive being upside down.

The Design Inspiration

Have just noticed that the design inspiration.com have put the Bug on their front page, with a nice little picture link. Article here. Thanks guys!

points mean prizes

mr blue sky

another photoshop / sketch quickie

dirtier, quicker

better colours.

what an RS...

 Spotted a TT RS in Bluewater car park, first one I'd seen. Boy does this thing have presence!

onwards and downwards

quick and (very) dirty  'shop for sports saloon mini project

Darth Helmet

Was recently reminded about this  by Adam Setter

A bunch of artists and designers were given a full size replica Darth Vader helmet and got to customise it for an auction last year. How cool is that. The original is so badass though I think I'd be tempted to just keep mine stock and not show up to the auction...

These are some of my favourites.


for anyone who can name this car

red and black

'my' aerolithe again

high contrast found sketches

Some assorted black and white sketches from various sources on the web

cherry red

My favourite image so far


Heres a shiny new wallpaper. Look out for a dump of new images coming this week from the W.E.N.N. Currently sitting in a coffee shop in London waiting for a train and writing a press release of sorts to go with it - not an easy task as I havent done one before. Its easy to talk about the project in person, but difficult to get all the information across in text without sounding like a smarmy designer type. Currently trying not to write the ultimate cliche phrase 'raison d'etre' in a sentence where I can't help but think would work really well...

As a matter of fact if you happen to read any french phrases in anything designery I write, for example;

'Raison D'etre'

'a certain 'je ne c'est quois''

 'joi de vivre'

 please feel free to drop me a message imploring me to stop being a massive 'Coventry Uni Netball Team.'


Someone asked me the other day how I would have my Aerolithe:

dark red metallic paint, all the chrome painted gloss black.