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It's an interior Jim, but not as we know it


  1. MR. Hogg,
    Do you have much knowledge of the original Aerolithe? I have been studying it for quite a while and have often wondered why you never here a debate over the interior that the car had. All the photos that i have ever seen are with the doors closed and reflections blocking view into the rear. I can clearly see the top of the spare tire tub and a black bulkhead underneath it. the corners where the fillers are however are too dark and, again, reflections distort the image. There are also images that i have seen of a lady standing next to the aerolithe at the london autoshow. One hand on the passenger door handle and the other on the windshield. From this angle you can see the dash however the image is once again distorted from being blown up and reflections pose a problem.

  2. Hi,

    To be honest I know as much as most people about the aerolithe interior - ie. not a lot. From what you can see from the few existing photos it appears to be broadly similar to the production atlantic interior.As for colour I am afraid I have no idea. I'm guessing it was quite dark, judging by how much of it is visible, but no more than that. I made my interior brown on black more for aesthetic value than historical accuracy. I suspect we will never be able to know for sure!

  3. Mr. Hogg,
    Can i get your opinion on the body of the original being painted Creme de menthe' ?

  4. Hi,

    The colour is a bit of a prickly issue that tends to cause arguments amongst Bugatti 'experts'!

    I don't know for sure what to think, its obviously either creme de menthe or silver. I think people assumed the Aerolithe was silver for a long time, as in the existing black and white photos it was clearly a light shade and silver was the easy conclusion.

    There is evidence that it was pale green - an interview with a frenchman who worked in the Bugatti factory at the time, and a contemporary painting of it driving down a road:


    All it would take to prove things conclusively would be for one person to have written a contemporary article on the Aerolithe's motor show appearance, however as far as I could tell from my own research I couldnt find such a thing. Various experts very firmly believe one or the other and vigorously defend their belief!

    Maybe squirreled away somewhere in the Bugatti trust archives is a definitive answer... I would get in touch (I'm less than an hour away) but they have gone a bit cold with me recently and stopped returning my emails. messrs. Conway and Price came to my degree show and I don't think they liked my Aerolithe much...

    My 2 cents is that it was painted creme de menthe. It just doesn't look 'silver' in the photos and the old painting is quite compelling.


  5. Douglas,
    If you compare photos of the Aerolithe and 57374 (which we know was originally the light metallic blue that it has today) the shades are very similiar. wouldn't you say?

  6. I really couldn't say. I know how hotly debated it is. I would go so far as to agree that it does look similar, but as we are going from B&W pictures all that means is that the tone looks similar, not the colour. It could have been painted a light metallic beige for all we can tell from a black and white photo.

    Do any contemporary magazines mention the colour?

  7. not that i know of....
    Will Bugatti end up buying your design?

  8. Its very unlikely they would buy it as they have their own in house design team. There would be certain amount of professional pride at risk if they bought in a student project! I hope however they have seen it on the web somewhere and didnt consider it too blaspemous.

    It would be interesting if someone wanted to buy it. I currently have the 1/4 scale model sitting in a big box with nowhere to display it.

    To satisfy my curiousity as to how it might look, I rendered 'my' Aerolithe in creme de menthe last night. I think it works.


    Am I correct in guessing you have some involvement with the Canadian Aerolithe reconstruction..?

  9. No, but i wish. I am a mechanic and Bugatti enthusiast. I have been watching the Aerolithe reconstruction carefully but have no part in it. I am hoping sometime in the near future to build my own concept car. If nothing comes of it that's fine because it will be a one of a kind and it will be mine.

  10. if you want my Aerolithe design, make me a sensible offer :)

  11. Better yet, we could colaborate and build it together. Gaurentee that you would make much more on showing it at concours competition and then eventually selling it then you would make in a year working for someone else designing concepts for them to show and then make billions off of a production model. You design em' i'll build em and we'll both be kings! I'm sure you have some more concepts brewing in that mind of yours.


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