Heres a shiny new wallpaper. Look out for a dump of new images coming this week from the W.E.N.N. Currently sitting in a coffee shop in London waiting for a train and writing a press release of sorts to go with it - not an easy task as I havent done one before. Its easy to talk about the project in person, but difficult to get all the information across in text without sounding like a smarmy designer type. Currently trying not to write the ultimate cliche phrase 'raison d'etre' in a sentence where I can't help but think would work really well...

As a matter of fact if you happen to read any french phrases in anything designery I write, for example;

'Raison D'etre'

'a certain 'je ne c'est quois''

 'joi de vivre'

 please feel free to drop me a message imploring me to stop being a massive 'Coventry Uni Netball Team.'

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