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Frequent readers might have noticed that blog updates might not be coming as thick and fast as they once were. I am pleased to say this is because I am currently working full time as a designer for an automotive and industrial design consultancy.

Heres a car my girlfriend designed. Isn't it good?


The following is a reverse timeline of work-in-progress photos of the 1/4 scale Bugatti model being made. There was about 7 weeks from finished CAD data until finished model.

Model milled from high density foam with milled, polished  and engraved aluminium wheels, grill and centreline and painted SLA light inserts. bodywork is painted in BMW Bluewater silver metallic.

This model might be for sale. email me any serious offers. 

Darth Atom

This blog has now reached over 2000 visits. to celebrate, heres one of the greatest pictures ever.


Good news! The 'Earth times' says I will be at the Paris motor show with my Bugatti. I hope they are arranging and paying for it, as I haven't...

whats big and red...

...This bonnet


Saw one of these razzing about on the Coventry Ring road of all places.

A right sodding mess

Chatting with Frank last night about car design and ended up talking about how wierd the surfacing of the BMW X1 is.

and when I say wierd, I mean fucking awful.




Vintage Canberra Ejection seat

bonnet art

Spotted in Coventry. Presented without comment.

Creme de Menthe

Here is an Aerolithe that IS definitely Creme de Menthe...