how to design cars...

 Look out for artwork and opinions (some controversial ones) from myself, Paul Nichols, Louise McCallum and many more in the Student Interview section of the new 'How to Design cars like a Pro' second edition, on sale now at Amazon and other good bookshops. Probably a few of the bad ones too. 

Perfect fit

Isn't it satisfying when you finally find exactly what you are looking for?

I just found the perfect black coat,after hunting on and off for a year and a half. Chuffed.

Oh, and moving house next week. That's exciting too.

Bugatti Revue

Thrilled to be featured on Jaap Horst's Bugatti Revue.

Articles on there, like this brilliant one on the Aerolithe and this one on the  Atlantics, were major reference points when I was doing my project.

Link to the feature on my little old Aerolithe here.

 heres a picture.


HDRI picture by the bawbag that is Pete Atkins.

Give the Doug a bone

I decided about six months ago that when I got my first design job paycheck I would treat myself. I decided to buy something I've wanted for ages - A 1/6th scale Iron Man collectible action figure from Hong Kong based company Hot Toys.

That time came a few weeks ago, and after a nervous ebay auction I won myself my very own Iron Man Mark III (Battle Damaged.) Its no secret that I love the design of the Iron Man suit, so to have a perfect, hand painted miniature replica of it that lights up, opens up and is fully poseable... It was inevitable really.Very chuffed with it!

On a side note, all the pics were taken on my new iphone 4. Not a bad wee camera!

New goal set - collect marks I though VI by this time next year...

X ray cross section

Just made this image for a promo thing at work, thought I would share it

Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious

1980 didn't get any cooler than this.