This thing is fantastic. what an incredible stance and proportion!

Glaces! Cremes Glacées!

the french know how to do ice cream vans

sketchy lady

inspired by remembering Tomb Raider 2!


cool star wars fan made image I found on the web

Porsche 911 sketch

I know at least a couple of people will recognise this car from the days of Albany Road Forza racing!

This is the first sketch on my new tablet, a WACOM intuos 4 A4 oversize. I bought it last week but haven't had a free evening to play with it until now. I'm really enjoying getting to know it, its very different to my WACOM tablet at work which is several years older. Loving the dial on the tablet to rotate the sketch on photoshop :)

I feel like I need to experiment with colour and style more on my sketches - I use a lot of minimal colour and simplicity on my stuff, but thats maybe because I don't feel confident / have much experience using bold colour and shading. I really like looking at sketches with strong colour and contrast, so I will try to punch up the saturation in my free time sketching over the coming weeks. watch this space!

Ferrari 458 Spider... really really well done. Only very slightly less pretty than the coupe, but with one of the coolest folding roofs in the business. Ferrari has some top engineers. and I think I prefer the engine cover without a window like on the coupe - somehow a bit more classy.


The Joy of fix from Do The Green Thing. via Jodie Corrall Everyone, Fix things that are broken!Use Sugru! And go here!
Can I have some Sugru?

I'm not dead. Got wood?

Have been busy living my life and not blogging.  I feel a little bit bad about not writing anything for nearly a month, but then I think, So what? I'm busy!

I was at Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend. This was one of my first ever job perks - free Sunday tickets for me and the lady. Thanks, Ford! Heres some pictures of some things I liked;

Some scaffolding

lightweight and streamlined E type. sex.

Jaguar CX-75 finally saw what all the fuss what about seeing it in the metal. the proportions, surfacing and details are really good.

 D type. Amazing to see hammering up the hill

 XJ13 - finally saw it. so low, so wide and so fast!

 Evil american race e type V12. Brutal


 panamerica rally SLR. absolute icon
 WANT one of these please

 The Mac Daddy. so, so awesome. and it still looks fantastic!

 first one-77 I've seen. this one also makes more sense in the flesh. Low, wide, agressive. bit of a theme to the cars I like! what stood out on it I think is the detailing. Didn't look like a million pound car though - Although what the heck does!? Premium car prices are really, really crazy at the moment.

I heard an awesome story about the engine of the one-77. Apparently, at a certain stage of the assembly a part has to be attached to the engine, right at the rearward edge, Pretty much under the windscreen.  This part can only be put in after the engine has been put into the car. As the engine is so far back in the chassis, and the car is so wide, there is no easy way to do this. it is unreachable from all sides. The solution, apparently is to suspend an engineer from the roof, Mission impossible style, and hang him over the car with the part and a screwdriver!

 this is by far my favourite part of the whole car. the mirror stalk. how awesome is that! imagine the bill if a cyclist prangs it! Shows the one-77 is really a car for the super rich. no volume car could get away with that.

Citroen Survolte

 it lives! and moves around! the segway wheeled GM - EV actually works and is pretty nippy. it was scuttling (Thats probably the best way to describe how it moves) around the concours area in the afternoon. the pilot/driver/rider stopped a few times and opened the canopy to let kids and grown ups have a sit in it. top guy.

 AVENTADOR awesome in the metal. over the top and a bit nuts, exactly as it should be.

nothing quite like a Ferrari engine bay.
 my favourite fact about this car - Stirling Moss's involvement in the custom bodied SLR roadster named after him  - 'I let them put my name on it'

Bugatti EB110 and its misleading badging. Lindsey asked why such an old looking car had an 11 gig memory and what it would be used for. fantastic.  the bugatti 11gb.

 Audi are top of their game when it comes to wheels
 and headlight details
 and carbon detailing on LMP cars

Why can't we have bumpers like this on cars anymore??

8C spider


isn't it cute..?

'Small' Ford next to small Fiat

Spotted in London

Sorry for the lack of blogging / pictures etc. Have moved house and don't have internet yet. On stolen internet at the moment, shhhh....

458 italia

Return of the properly good looking Ferrari

'One day' car #3 - BMW M Coupe

The 1999 BMW M coupe, aka. the Breadvan, the clown boot, the running shoe and the curious coupe. I really love this mad little BMW. It started life as a secret project in 1996, when 5 rogue engineers at BMW got hold of a prototype Z3 and squirreled it away to turn it into a coupe. They recruited a small team from the design department, so the story goes, and set about with hacksaws and blue foam blocking out the shooting break closed roof and massively exaggerated rear  arches. This was partly to accomodate fat new rims and a vastly increased rear track, and partly to look bad ass. While they were at it they also shoehorned in the then current M3 engine, a 320 bhp straight six regarded as one of the 'all time truly great engines.' These things go like shit off a hot shovel. Sound awesome too;

The result was one of the maddest and most interesting sports cars BMW have ever produced. It polarised opinions when it was launched, and only sold around 6000 in its entire production run. It was bought by people who recognised it as the best driving M car, and could live with the unconventional looks. People that liked it, really liked it. Owners are fanatically loyal bunch who love the performance, space ( it has a huge boot!) and distinctive looks.

This is how my M coupe would look. it will be in Bright silver, with the dampers, big brakes and superlight wheels from the 2003 M3 CSL. Doesn't it look wicked! 

'One day' car #2 - Vauxhall VX220 

'One day' car #1 - Reliant Scimitar GTE