imperial muse

Had a day out in London last Saturday with my lady and some friends. We took a few hours to visit the Imperial War Museum. One thing that really made an impression was a new addition to the museum, a totally bombed out car from Iraq put there to demonstrate the destructive power of war. It was blown up in an explosion that killed 38 people. Nothing on it gives away what car it once was, it is just a car shaped heap of twisted, burnt out and rusted metal.  I ended up taking a ton of photos of it.

picture this

took this last week of a box of cables at work

a quick caricature!

finding all the old caricatures got me in the mood to do one just now - its very quick so it might not be easy to tell who its meant to be!

you know who you are...

Another batch is coming! 

Citroen DS24

I've just been blown away by this Citroen DS24 animation. It was made by 4 students from ISD design college.

Sets the new standard for presentation animations!

Citroen DS24 Animation from Benoit Louzaouen on Vimeo.

Starting to Bug you now, I bet

Yes, its time for news on the old Bugatti again. Talk about harping on the past. I promise I won't post on it  unless anything miraculous happens this year, like, I dunno, for example, a well known California based car museum puts my quarter scale on display. Actually, there is two new things. First of those new things: the model is currently on display in a presentation room at Concept Group International where I work. I'm chuffed it is somewhere other than in a crate at University, and it looks quite good on its little plinth. 

Second new thing, the Bug is still being picked up by websites. It's mental. It has just garnered a nice little write up on reputable automotive news site Topspeed, and has made Automotto's 'top 14 most talked about cars of 2010'  I can't quite get my head round it having the (very minor) online presence it does because it's something that exists completely out of my control. I know its not exactly big news, but I still find it strange! I originally emailed one site begging them to post it, and before I knew what was what, emails came in asking for pics and info from all over the place, and I had to hastily assemble a 'press kit' and do some new Bunkspeed renders quick sharp.

My favourite thing that happened is that I got a half page feature in a Florida based local newspaper, where I share a page with a futurologist who predicts amongst other things; a meteorite hitting the moon, an farmer in the USA finding a viking horde, and Al Gore being caught online dating. I'll post it up one day!

car shopping

matt black painted 500. bit special.

Car dealer visits yesterday with wandy webber. Impressed by new Punto Abarth! Happy 2011 by the way.