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  In Bluewater over the weekend (saw Rango - its excellent) and spotted a couple of guys in Stormtrooper armor promoting the release of a new Star Wars game. I grew up loving Star Wars, and I came over like a little kid again. I was even a little bit scared of them. They were the baddies after all.

Close up on Geneva... 2

Some more photos from Geneva - and why not? I was a bit over keen with my editing for the last post. Heres more from the land of clocks and triangular chocolate.

nice surfaces on the BMW concept

SMART looking tail light..

Side vent on the new Range Rover super duper luxury. I think its the first thing to actually be released from someone in my year at Coventry.

 Bungee cord seats in the awesome Renault Captur concept. Mad wheels!

Face of the R-Space. hope something like this makes production.

Renault DeZir Concept. Fantastic looking thing.

Little GM EN-V concept tucked away at the back of the Opel stand. Really cool!

Porsche 918 RSR. I know its cool but I wasn't really interested. Carrera GT 8 years old and so much better.

 Nissan Townpod detailing

Cut-throat razor style spokes on the Gumpert Tornante concept were nicely done

 Yet another Gallardo Special edition, but it was pretty cool

 Tata Pixel - one of the stand out cars of the show. Innovative package, styling and approach to design. I was lucky enough to get an interview at the Warwick studio last summer. Didn't get the job but they were a really nice bunch of people and very passionate. Looking forward to seeing whats next!


Loving this song today

It's ok, they pixellated out the naughty bits.

 Cool images from  'Amusement' - a computer game and lifestyle magazine published in France.



Some words on the Bugatti from carbymake.com that they fed through a 'Flavio Briatore auto-garbler' before publishing...

If Bugatti fans hear the name "Electron Aerolithe" she got glowing eyes. This racy coupe, designed by Jean Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti's son, was in 1935 the motor shows in Paris and London shows - and then never seen again.

According to the testimony of former employees of electron - one in particular in aircraft used light metal alloy of magnesium and aluminum - cut made prototype, could have been with some parts for the first Bugatti Atlantic (1936), the Lord had appointed Rothschild used.

Now the young English designer Douglas Hogg of the erotic lines of the one-electron Bugatti Aerolithe was inspired, and designed a sports car for 2025 - the Bugatti Aerolithe Concept. It interprets the typical Hogg Aerolithe features - strong shoulders, divided front-and rear window and taken from the aircraft doors - surprisingly fresh and contemporary. And consistently follows the minimalist approach of the "Wizard of Molsheim".

lawn mowing

Unfortunately for this blog, I'm too busy with actual paid work and sorting my transient life out to sketch any free time projects right now. So I'm going to raid my old work to provide 'Original Content' until things settle down. Yea? deal with it.

Look out for more lawn mower soon!


///Rant mode engaged///

OK so no, I am not going to justify Jason Castriotas new SAAB concept by showing a picture of it. It's what happens when ego gets in the way of design and it is quite frankly an insult to the superb work SAAB's designers have put in over the last 5 years. Concepts like the sublime, achingly cool Aero X and the pair of cracking 9X concepts set up an intelligent, restrained style that everyone just ached to see translated into a proper production car. We waited and waited - the 9-3 was almost there... the 9-3 estate was so close... the facelift not quite so...  then Woohoo! The all new 9-5  arrives. It's the first proper new SAAB in ages and one that that finally uses all the ideas put forward by the concepts. It genuinely looks and feels like a proper SAAB. Fantastic. The brand spanking new sportwagon version shown at Geneva was arguably even better looking. WIN.
Then suddenly BOOM!  Headshot... in comes the PhoeniX concept. All that hard work subtly building a strong, cool and uniquely scandinavian brand identity ruined in one wonky surfaced, cheaply detailed and quite frankly shit looking 'look at me I'm the future' flash in the pan. All the 'liquid metal' paint in the world can't hide bad proportions and dodgy lines. SAAB fans the world over weep into their cashmere jumpers.

I think what has annoyed me most is that it has made me react to it, which I think was probably Mr. Castriota's intention all along. grr. Lets hope his threat that it will directly inform the next generation of SAAB is an empty one!

///rant over///

proper SAABs.

Close up on Geneva

I went to Geneva at the weekend. It was good. heres some photos of and words about things I liked.


Wicked wheel design, on a BMW X5 of all things.

You could almost call it discreet - Ferrari 599 GTO.

Very cool orange highlighted tyre tread on Hyundai Curb concept.

Renaults new electric face
Best new concept..? its a one horse race between Renaults Captur and R-space

Wrapover tail lights of the Captur

Renault R-space

Barmy interior features organic forms and...  cubes.

500 zagato looked great from side and 3/4, but from the front the double bubble roof looked crap.

Mazda Shinari concept from Paris last year looked fantastic in the metal, and was my overall favourite car of the show. Transformers inspired head and tail lights were especially good.

Alfa Romeo 4C was OK - gimmicky matt paint aside - but the wheels stood out as a new spirally take on alfas trademark telephone dials.

most cartoony car of the year!

The Nissan Townpod might look a bit dopey, but in isolation its headlight design is very cool

Volkswagen's minimalist merchandise and options shop

The car I'd most like to drive? Morgan's mad-as-a-bag-of-foxes new three wheeler.

Surprisingly cool Peugoet HR1 concept from last year.

Just Awesome.

Extremely well detailed Magna Steyr showcar.

Best presentation by far was the BMW vision connected drive concept. Shame the square front end all but ruined the very cool concept.

And the booby prize! FAB designs monstrous Panamera. Like putting turd on a turd.

Brilliant show. For more information on all the concepts, and proper words / pictures, have a look at autoblogs geneva show section.