Some words on the Bugatti from carbymake.com that they fed through a 'Flavio Briatore auto-garbler' before publishing...

If Bugatti fans hear the name "Electron Aerolithe" she got glowing eyes. This racy coupe, designed by Jean Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti's son, was in 1935 the motor shows in Paris and London shows - and then never seen again.

According to the testimony of former employees of electron - one in particular in aircraft used light metal alloy of magnesium and aluminum - cut made prototype, could have been with some parts for the first Bugatti Atlantic (1936), the Lord had appointed Rothschild used.

Now the young English designer Douglas Hogg of the erotic lines of the one-electron Bugatti Aerolithe was inspired, and designed a sports car for 2025 - the Bugatti Aerolithe Concept. It interprets the typical Hogg Aerolithe features - strong shoulders, divided front-and rear window and taken from the aircraft doors - surprisingly fresh and contemporary. And consistently follows the minimalist approach of the "Wizard of Molsheim".

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