Close up on Geneva... 2

Some more photos from Geneva - and why not? I was a bit over keen with my editing for the last post. Heres more from the land of clocks and triangular chocolate.

nice surfaces on the BMW concept

SMART looking tail light..

Side vent on the new Range Rover super duper luxury. I think its the first thing to actually be released from someone in my year at Coventry.

 Bungee cord seats in the awesome Renault Captur concept. Mad wheels!

Face of the R-Space. hope something like this makes production.

Renault DeZir Concept. Fantastic looking thing.

Little GM EN-V concept tucked away at the back of the Opel stand. Really cool!

Porsche 918 RSR. I know its cool but I wasn't really interested. Carrera GT 8 years old and so much better.

 Nissan Townpod detailing

Cut-throat razor style spokes on the Gumpert Tornante concept were nicely done

 Yet another Gallardo Special edition, but it was pretty cool

 Tata Pixel - one of the stand out cars of the show. Innovative package, styling and approach to design. I was lucky enough to get an interview at the Warwick studio last summer. Didn't get the job but they were a really nice bunch of people and very passionate. Looking forward to seeing whats next!

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