Close up on Geneva

I went to Geneva at the weekend. It was good. heres some photos of and words about things I liked.


Wicked wheel design, on a BMW X5 of all things.

You could almost call it discreet - Ferrari 599 GTO.

Very cool orange highlighted tyre tread on Hyundai Curb concept.

Renaults new electric face
Best new concept..? its a one horse race between Renaults Captur and R-space

Wrapover tail lights of the Captur

Renault R-space

Barmy interior features organic forms and...  cubes.

500 zagato looked great from side and 3/4, but from the front the double bubble roof looked crap.

Mazda Shinari concept from Paris last year looked fantastic in the metal, and was my overall favourite car of the show. Transformers inspired head and tail lights were especially good.

Alfa Romeo 4C was OK - gimmicky matt paint aside - but the wheels stood out as a new spirally take on alfas trademark telephone dials.

most cartoony car of the year!

The Nissan Townpod might look a bit dopey, but in isolation its headlight design is very cool

Volkswagen's minimalist merchandise and options shop

The car I'd most like to drive? Morgan's mad-as-a-bag-of-foxes new three wheeler.

Surprisingly cool Peugoet HR1 concept from last year.

Just Awesome.

Extremely well detailed Magna Steyr showcar.

Best presentation by far was the BMW vision connected drive concept. Shame the square front end all but ruined the very cool concept.

And the booby prize! FAB designs monstrous Panamera. Like putting turd on a turd.

Brilliant show. For more information on all the concepts, and proper words / pictures, have a look at autoblogs geneva show section.

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