///Rant mode engaged///

OK so no, I am not going to justify Jason Castriotas new SAAB concept by showing a picture of it. It's what happens when ego gets in the way of design and it is quite frankly an insult to the superb work SAAB's designers have put in over the last 5 years. Concepts like the sublime, achingly cool Aero X and the pair of cracking 9X concepts set up an intelligent, restrained style that everyone just ached to see translated into a proper production car. We waited and waited - the 9-3 was almost there... the 9-3 estate was so close... the facelift not quite so...  then Woohoo! The all new 9-5  arrives. It's the first proper new SAAB in ages and one that that finally uses all the ideas put forward by the concepts. It genuinely looks and feels like a proper SAAB. Fantastic. The brand spanking new sportwagon version shown at Geneva was arguably even better looking. WIN.
Then suddenly BOOM!  Headshot... in comes the PhoeniX concept. All that hard work subtly building a strong, cool and uniquely scandinavian brand identity ruined in one wonky surfaced, cheaply detailed and quite frankly shit looking 'look at me I'm the future' flash in the pan. All the 'liquid metal' paint in the world can't hide bad proportions and dodgy lines. SAAB fans the world over weep into their cashmere jumpers.

I think what has annoyed me most is that it has made me react to it, which I think was probably Mr. Castriota's intention all along. grr. Lets hope his threat that it will directly inform the next generation of SAAB is an empty one!

///rant over///

proper SAABs.


  1. Actually lining up and looking at all the recent Saab concepts together makes you realise that Saab have been working on building a strong identity, its not trying to be bmw, mercedes or anything else.. i totally agree with you about the new concept and lets hope it remains just that..

  2. I read today that the new 9-3 will be inspired by the phoeniX concept. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out - it might still be cool and most importantly 'saab-y.' Fingers crossed!


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