'One day' car #3 - BMW M Coupe

The 1999 BMW M coupe, aka. the Breadvan, the clown boot, the running shoe and the curious coupe. I really love this mad little BMW. It started life as a secret project in 1996, when 5 rogue engineers at BMW got hold of a prototype Z3 and squirreled it away to turn it into a coupe. They recruited a small team from the design department, so the story goes, and set about with hacksaws and blue foam blocking out the shooting break closed roof and massively exaggerated rear  arches. This was partly to accomodate fat new rims and a vastly increased rear track, and partly to look bad ass. While they were at it they also shoehorned in the then current M3 engine, a 320 bhp straight six regarded as one of the 'all time truly great engines.' These things go like shit off a hot shovel. Sound awesome too;

The result was one of the maddest and most interesting sports cars BMW have ever produced. It polarised opinions when it was launched, and only sold around 6000 in its entire production run. It was bought by people who recognised it as the best driving M car, and could live with the unconventional looks. People that liked it, really liked it. Owners are fanatically loyal bunch who love the performance, space ( it has a huge boot!) and distinctive looks.

This is how my M coupe would look. it will be in Bright silver, with the dampers, big brakes and superlight wheels from the 2003 M3 CSL. Doesn't it look wicked! 

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