Porsche 911 sketch

I know at least a couple of people will recognise this car from the days of Albany Road Forza racing!

This is the first sketch on my new tablet, a WACOM intuos 4 A4 oversize. I bought it last week but haven't had a free evening to play with it until now. I'm really enjoying getting to know it, its very different to my WACOM tablet at work which is several years older. Loving the dial on the tablet to rotate the sketch on photoshop :)

I feel like I need to experiment with colour and style more on my sketches - I use a lot of minimal colour and simplicity on my stuff, but thats maybe because I don't feel confident / have much experience using bold colour and shading. I really like looking at sketches with strong colour and contrast, so I will try to punch up the saturation in my free time sketching over the coming weeks. watch this space!

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