Formula Ford 2013

Press advert for the 2013 Formula Ford championship. Thats me in the race suit,  pretending to be a proper racing driver. Note the canvas shoes! We did the shoot a few months ago on a grey and rainy day, with us hiding under the trees between shots to avoid getting soaked. Simon Collins and Guy Colborne from design also suited up, I'll put up some of the other pics when they get released. 

 The car is a higher performance, bewinged and meaner looking version of the new for 2012 Formula Ford race car, designed by the team at Ford Dunton. 

Doodles #2

single plane car

Bespoke BMW

Some lovely ladys pride and joy!

Not shown - 'Barbie let me borrow it' bumper sticker


Have decided to start posting doodles. Why not.  1st - Mini

Muh - stang

My Mustang, from the Ford USA mustang customiser. This 5L V8 Boss 302 'Stang with loads of options  would cost about $38000 dollars, which works out at a faintly ridiculously cheap £23500 in direct exchange rates. Why can't cars be that cheap over here!!

iron man stress relief

a quick break from folio work - 25 minutes freehand, using my 1/6th scale as a reference;


fact: vintage car press shots were not complete without a woman

yellow delorean DMC-12

found this pic online

Ford Transit / Tourneo Custom sketches released

some of my sketches on the Ford media site for the new transit

tons of other images and information on the new tranny here

Brands Hatch Classic 2012

brave porsche owner

Spotted parked outside the Royal College of Art in London. Awesome!

Citron DS5

Saw my first one of these away from a motor show at the weekend. Fantastic. I don't get how Citroen can be making a profit on it - there is just so much new stuff! the interior is superb. best production interior on sale at the moment without question.

Eye on Geneva 2012

some things I thought were interesting from Geneva this year

unusual colour and materials at Astons new special  'Q design'... they are really milking the James Bond connection...

 Porsche Coffee. Basically volkswagen ingredients but more expensive

best angle of the Kia Trackster concept

Another Gem from Aston stand. carbon aluminium and leather sun lounger

Sweetie jar lid tail lights.

£330,000. Really???
 Aventador J. Mental!

  First time I saw these two concepts. awesome. So many levels of detail.

something for the kids.
 Best stance of the show

 cool brushed metal details

New Tourneo.

 Teeny tiny little Honda concept.
 Cool production wheel from Volvo
 Yummy french lunch (and red wine) courtesy of Peugeot. Thanks!
 Porsche Cayenne and panamera not quite ugly enough for you...?
 'unusual' colour and trim from Renault
Cool ribbony concept wheel on the Magna Steyr show car