Eye on Frankfurt

Industry day at the IAA Frankfurt motor show. Top show! Sorry for the poor image quality, my aging iphone 4 is slowly starting to die. Roll on October and delivery of the 5S...

BMW i8... Like it or not, this is a heck of an achievement for BMW. For me personally theres so much going on that I find it a bit busy, but as a whole it really works. its going to look fantastic on the road. 

There was a small army of production i3's driving around outside ferrying journalists! These things are just super. Funky styling, radical package, and brilliant interior. Again like the i8 its sort of a mess but I actually find it a lot more harmonious and more appealing than its big brother 

Peugeot Onyx. Super to see this again after Paris last year, its one of my favourite showcars. Was cool to see how the copper bodywork has oxidised over the last year.

Kia Niro - Cool concept. Nice details exterior and interior. Oddly grey paint - its painted black in all the press shots, and the Niro name suggests black. late colour change? Sadly not sure production version will come with the girl...

VW XL1.  AWESOME. Least boring VW ever. Love this thing, would really really really like to try driving it

Volvo Coupe Concept . Quite pretty but not sure if its a Volvo yet.  Looking forward to seeing the next wave of production cars if this is a teaser. Interior looks very american.

Smart stand was cool but cant wait to see production versions of these showcars... the production cars look old now and it feels like they have been showing this super cool styling on showcars for a while now. Prefer the red one of the two I think, the proportions are rad. Also, that left rear tail lamp was demonstrated by a Smart guy on the stand - its an energy drink can dispenser. Das ist cool!
This was the most interesting thing on a production Smart... Harvey 2 face seats on one of the Brabus cars

Production Porsche 918 Spyder. Love it. Interior and exterior. 
Wheel on the Porsche 911 50th anniversary edition. Great reinterpretation of the classic Fuch's wheel

This bad boy was tucked away upstairs on the Porsche stand

Mercedes Benz doesn't have a show stand... it has a building. The show they put on was incredible, like being at a high end fashion catwalk. Each of the new cars was driven onto a stage, with a music and light show. I got to sit in and have a poke around the new S class. Tech is mind blowing, materials are super... why does it have to have such an ugly dashboard... Also sat in the SLS, the kid in me loves the doors!

Citroen C4 Picasso and Picasso grand has the COOLEST production tail lamps. 

Snakeskin effect carbon bodywork on one of the tuning companys Lamborghinis...

Renault stand featured all 6 Van der Acker  showcars. Felt like a designers playground. Great to see the Dezir, Captur, and R-space showcars again. Captur is still my favourite. The latest showcar, the initial Paris concept, was probably my least favourite of the 6 but had some super, clever details like the textured floor, 3d printed ceiling and whirlpool tail lamps.

Really liked the Citroen showcar in the flesh. Super minimal, almost retro interior was actually pretty cool, much better than the press shots.  I like that Citroens styling is moving so far away from DS so they have two completely distinct directions. 

Also liked the Opel show car a lot in the flesh. long, low and wide looking. Except that lower rear on the bodyside which looks wierd, and also the BMW i car inspired front end. The interior is great. soft but not blobby, really precise execution and nice layering

New Corvette exhausts. American subtlety at its best.

Ford S-max concept

and to close - I finally managed to get a photo of one of my favourite details on a production car ever. Next time you see a Jeep Wrangler, look at the bottom left corner of the windscreen. Theres a super easter egg in the black obscuration banding...

Some last thoughts - I really enjoyed my day at the show. One of the most impressive things is actually the set up - each of the big German OEM's have pretty much an entire hall to themselves, while Mercedes has an entire building and Audi built their own giant white and mirror clad temple of Audi in the courtyard! Had a good time sitting in a variety of lovely cars and having a good poke around. i3, Citroen Picasso and Peugeot 308 stick in my brain as most impressive production interiors. 

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