Crossroads 2014

last weekend I took part in a superb weekend of stunning alpine roads, good company of fellow car designers and a collection of wonderful cars called the Crossroads designers rally. I drove like I have never driven before and my JCW became 'the little car that could' over the 500km drive.

 Heres some photos!

My trusty steed

Sweet ass

Ford GT is such a beast

Because I'm worth it

The detailing on a KTM Crossbow is soooo photogenic

Dragonfly wings


This CLS63 AMG sounded like absolute thunder. Chased it for about an hour down an alpine pass. EPIC.

Mikes Porsche all over my mirrors

Superb Porsche. Want!

Fucking love the Alfa Montreal.

Loved this decal

The Hotel at the top of the malta pass by the Kolnbrein Dam

last drive of the weekend. Had great fun chasing that 993

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